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Car title loans vs Pay day loans

There are many different types of loans available and if you are looking for a short-term personal loan, you will need to do some research to find the best loan for you. Here we will compare two different types of personal loans – car title loans and pay day loans.

Comparing the Loans

  • Car Title Loans – These are secured personal loans. The loan uses your vehicle as collateral, meaning that the lender becomes the new lien holder on the vehicle for the duration of the loan. This makes the loans safer for the lender and they tend to offer more flexible terms and conditions than other short term loan options. The loan amount is based on the current market value of your vehicle and they can offer up to $20,000, providing a substantial loan amount.
  • Pay Day Loans – These are unsecured personal loans that are designed to get you through until you receive your next paycheck. They are based on the size of your paycheck and usually offer very short repayment periods and high interest rates. They are popular as they require no collateral.

Why Choose a Car Title Loan

If you have a vehicle with a valid car title, you will most likely be eligible for a car title loan. There are many advantages to these types of loans:

  • Flexible Rates – Because they are collateral loans, they offer flexible conditions.
  • Fast – The loans can be available in as little as one hour if you have all of your paperwork available.
  • Available Online – You can start the application process for these loans over the phone or via the online form on the website.
  • No Credit Check – There is no credit check required and the loans are available for good credit, bad credit or no credit score.

While in need of emergeny cash, Don’t waste your time on unsecured loans

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